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Beth Chafey-Hon

Beth fell in love with the violin at the age of seven and has studied and performed music for over 43 years, and has a beautifully expressive way of playing her music, demonstrating the unwavering love of the instrument ever since.

Originally from El Cajon, California, Beth majored in Music Performance at San Diego State University, playing both violin and viola. She worked in recording studios while still in high school and continued to freelance professionally all her life for chamber groups, orchestras, string quartets, and studio work.

She moved to Wisconsin in 2003. She later attended University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and completed her Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance and Music Composition after a 37year hiatus!

Beth performs a variety of violin genres starting with her favorite, true classical solo repertoire, but also loves gypsy-folk and Irish fiddlin’. She creates her own back up orchestra to accompany her solo violin or viola.


Her latest concert productions include multimedia slideshows to compliment her own pieces. She has performed in California, New York, Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina, Missouri, Oregon and Wisconsin.




She has released 4 CDs, “Textured Violin,” in 2003, “World on a String” in 2012 and “Textured Violin Classix #2” in 2016 and released her “Desert Song Cycle” in 2019. Each of the pieces is devoted to portraying various aspects of the desert wilderness. She’s composing a new set of nature pieces for performance called, “Water Song Cycle.”

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