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Note to my listeners: 

I’m a classical violinist with a love of Rock n Roll and its charismatic beat and feel. In my classical studies, I kept feeling more could be done with the violin music to make it interesting. I deeply love pure classics, composed and performed for 100s of years. Reaching  such esoterica heights, it sometimes goes beyond the common ear.  Putting the two together, I create a new role for violin; different than fiddle, jazz violin, or electric violin with a rock band, preserving the pure, expressive qualities of violin sound with fun, upbeat music to listen to.

Sweet Love, String Classix (2023)

“The sounds of beautiful, soaring violin singing timeless, classic songs, to soothe and serenade the soul.”

Desert Song Cycle (2019)

“Each originally composed pieces, inspired by the wilderness of the Anza-Borrego Desert of Southern California, the beauty of nature, rock formations, and legends etched upon stone and whispered into the desert air, exploring diatonic consonance and atonal dissonance, lending ear to the hum of the unique desert ecosystems.”

Textured Violin Classix #2 (2016)

“Wonderfully spiced up, drastically re-arranged classical melodies and original compositions for violin and assorted instruments in my signature Pop/Rock style.”

World on a String (2012)

“Unique arrangements of soulful and lively ethnic folk tunes from around the world performed on strings, guitar, and world percussion.”

Textured Violin cover.jpg
Textured Violin (2003)

“Beautiful, unique Classical violin arranged and performed in a lively Pop/Rock Style, with new ideas and experimental techniques.”

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